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Harding Instruments has a successful history of developing new products and bringing them to market. These include both our own lines and OEM products for our business associates.

MicroComm DXI and MicroComm DXL

The MicroComm DXI and DXL are Harding Instruments' proprietary product lines designed for the correctional and high security communications industry. They are microprocessor-controlled systems that employ digital audio processing and networking. With numerous installations completed throughout North America since the DXI's introduction in 1995, they are proven performers.

Harding developed the MicroComm line to be flexible, reliable, rugged, easy to install, easy to integrate, and easy to maintain. Together, they allow Harding to offer systems to fulfill virtually any new or retrofit requirement. Those design concepts, coupled with a full set of operating features and wide range of devices, have made Microcomm the number one choice of many specifiers and end users.

LonWorks Products

Harding Instruments has developed a range of Echelon LonWorks products that are used both in its own systems as well as by others in networks requiring LonWorks connectivity. These include a Free Topology Repeater, a Wiegand card reader interface module, and a Discreet I/O module. LonWorks products are offered for sale directly from our factory.

OEM Products

OEM products are the foundation of Harding Instruments history. Regardless of the field of application, we are able to engineer and manufacture microprocessor driven devices, systems, and software with leading edge technology for worldwide markets.