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Harding Instruments - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Edmonton, Alberta Harding Instruments' design and manufacturing facility is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Edmonton is the capital city of our province and has grown to host a burgeoning number of high technology companies involved in the development of electronic hardware and software. This trend has been supported by the quality of education offered by the Universities of Alberta and Calgary, Northern and Southern Alberta Institutes of Technology, a number of colleges and educational training centers, and through industry associations and technology supportive initiatives.

Geographic Description

Edmonton is located on the North Saskatchewan River in central Alberta. The population base of the city and its immediate surrounding region is over 1,000,000 people.

Edmonton's river valley parks contain an extensive network of trails, recreational facilities, and picnic areas that comprise one of the largest urban park systems of any city in North America. On a per capita basis, the greater Edmonton region also offers one of North America's greatest choices of golf courses. To the north of the city, one travels to woodland and lake regions, and to the south, extensive grasslands cause one to reminisce of cowboys and bison. To the west, one encounters evergreen forests, foothills and then the Rocky Mountain range with the resort towns of Jasper and Banff. East takes you out to the prairies where the land is so flat you can see the sunrise before you and the sunset behind you.